What is Electronic Invoicing (EI)?

EI allows broadcasting and cable companies to deliver electronic invoices to local and national advertising agencies. The data transfer is seamless as broadcasting and cable companies send invoice data to an industry clearinghouse where it is merged the same night and distributed to agencies and media buyers within a few hours.

More Agencies Take the Paperless Pledge

More and more agencies are signing the Paperless Pledge, which means that you no longer need to send paper invoices to these agencies if you send your invoices electronically.

If you send your invoices electronically to these agencies, you no longer need to send them paper invoices.

J. Walter Thompson           

Grey/Media Com                

Zenith Media

Saatchi & Saatchi

DDB Worldwide

Hill Holiday

Western International Media

Ogilvy & Mather


Young & Rubicam

Broulliard Communications


McCann Erickson

TN Media

The following agency endorses EDI and is moving towards foregoing paper copies of invoices.

D'Arcy/Media Vest/re: Sources       

(more company names are provided in the Dec/Jan 2000 issue of The Financial Manager-due out in December)

What does the Paperless Pledge mean to you?

  • No more paper invoices
  • No more calls for missing invoices
  • Faster invoice processing

The benefits of foregoing paper invoices are numerous: 

  • Reduces time creating and mailing invoices, saves paper, and postage.

  • EDI allows agencies to view and print electronic invoices from the data transmitted and eliminates the need of calling stations for missing invoices.

  • Faster reconciliation time to clear discrepancies for payment.  

  • EDI eliminates human error created by keying thousands of spots manually.

  • EDI moves discrepancies to buyers' desks more quickly and allows them more time to address true discrepancies.

To facilitate industry participation, an OPEN STANDARD for invoices has been adopted and provides the invoice format necessary for electronic transmission to agencies. This OPEN STANDARD is available for downloading by station groups and is adaptable to the various station trafficking systems to enable the transmission of data directly to agencies. 

It should be noted that many of AAAA smaller member agencies may not be in a position to endorse the no paper policy.   However, it is the hope of the committee members whose names appear below that their continued efforts in working towards a standard will enable these smaller agencies to participate.

How do I sign up for Electronic Invoicing (EI)?

Contact your traffic system vendor to tell them you want to participate in Electronic Invoicing. The contact names and phone numbers for each traffic system vendor are listed below.

If you need a list of agencies participating in Electronic Invoicing, call 303/390-7410.

If you are an Encoda station:

  • Call Jonathan Goldblatt,  212-303-4208

If you are a VCI station

  • Call Claude Morris, CEO for VCI, 413/272-7200.

If you are a Marketron station

  • Call Janet Giese, Vice President of Sales, Television for Marketron, 719-260-1584

If you are a Wicks Broadcast Solutions (CBSI/DARTS/VT) station

  • Call Jerry Katz, Customer Relations, 800-932-1533 or 344-364-2623.

If you use other traffic systems

  • Call your traffic systems vendor. Tell them you want to participate in Electronic Invoicing.

The above information may be current or may not be. Please call your traffic vendor directly to talk with the appropriate person. Changing information in this article discredits the historic value of it and may not be updated.

Information provided by: Kathy Halloran (1999 article)