BCCA Report Policy


Basic Report Timeline (48 hours-preliminary information) 

All report requests go onto the list to be started the day after received in office. (Example: Report received on Monday afternoon, assigned to investigator to be started Tuesday morning.)  

Investigators have 48 hours (2 business days) to get members as much information as possible on report. 

(Example: Start on Monday morning, preliminary information sent out to member by close of business on Tuesday – if no information was returned by 48 hours, it is acceptable to wait until the next morning to see if anything comes in overnight from reference.)  

RUSH Report Timeline (24 hours-preliminary information) 

1. A RUSH report takes priority over other daily work. Investigators will conclude what they are working on and will start working on this report immediately.

2. RUSH reports are handled the same as a Basic Report except a preliminary report will be delivered, with as much information that has been collected, no later than 24 hours (1 business day) from the time and day it is started. (Example: Credit Application/Request received at 10:00am Tuesday, sent out to member with information collected by 10:00am Wednesday.) 

1 Week (5 Business Days-received reference information) 

Each reference will be called, emailed or faxed 5 consecutive days or until reference responds, whichever one comes first.  

On day 6 (if applicable) all reference information not received will be marked as follows: “Did not respond to multiple requests for information.”  

Another preliminary report is to be sent to the requesting member. Members are not charged for preliminary reports.  

2 Weeks (10 Business Days-bank and all received reference information)

If bank information is not received within 10 business days from the start date of the report, a report will be marked Complete or Insufficient. If banks charge a fee for information that will be noted on the report and reports then will be sent to the member following the 5 Business Day policy.  

A final report will be sent no later than day 10 to the member. At this time member's account will be charged the appropriate amount of units and it will be deducted from their quota.  

REMINDER to Members: We do our best to contact all references via phone, fax and email; we can not make or harass them into giving us information. We respect those that are willing to share information with us. It is a courtesy not an obligation.