Help Us…Help You…


The following are special requests from the Credit Investigators. These are tips on how you can help us get you the most for your buck!!!


n     Make sure all credit applications are legible (somewhat legible is ok). The easier to read, the faster we can get to work on it.

n     Please return our calls when we call you for information. BCCA’s policy is to contact each reference for 5 consecutive business days. You are also a reference and one of your colleagues may need your information as much as you need theirs!! Help each other out!!!


n     Send reports with references. We need, at a minimum, a city and state. We can not look up a company if we do not know where they are located. MORE is BETTER!!!!


n     Please put your name or person’s name on your coversheet. Make sure your station or company name is also on there!!! We have almost 600 members and we have many similar names and call letters. We want to get you your information without delay!!!


n     Please write RUSH on coversheet if you need the report within 24 hours. Do not write Urgent unless you mean Rush. To us: URGENT = RUSH. Your account is deducted 4 report units for a Rush. Even if we do not get information within 24 hours from the references, you are still charged as a rush since this report takes priority over all other reports.


n     With so many members and reports to do each day, we request that if you have many reports to send in, you only send 5 per day. If you know in advance that you will need more than 5 for us to do, just call and give us a heads up!!! We will try our best to accommodate you!!!


n     Get your report requests in by 8:30am Central. Reports received after that time will be assigned to be started on the next business day.


n     Make sure you receive your emailed Acknowledgement from BCCA. Typically you will receive it within 24 hours after you have sent us your request. This will tell you who was assigned your report and when they will be starting it.


n     When sending correspondence to BCCA, send it to When sending to a particular person you are risking that they may not be working that day or that they may not recognize your email address. You can also call our office (847/881-8757) or fax us (847/784-8059) during regular business hours.


n     You will receive a preliminary copy of your report no later than 48 hours (or 2 business days) after your report has been assigned. You may receive additional FREE copies of the report as information is received by the CIs. Your completed copy will arrive no later than 2 weeks or 10 business days from the day it was assigned.


n     A signed credit application is preferred. Banks often request this to provide a third party with information. We do not pay for information from banks or credit references. When BCCA can not get info from a reference or bank, you may want to try since you are the credit grantor.