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The Media Financial Management Association (MFM formerly BCFM) and Broadcast  Cable Credit Association (BCCA) announces the launch of their interactive job board, the MFM/BCCA Job Bank. With its focus on financial and business professionals in the broadcast, cable, and electronic media industries, the MFM/BCCA Job Bank offers its members—and the industry at large—an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections.  

“We’re very excited about MFM/BCCA Job Bank, because it’s important for us help enable smooth career transitions for our members seeking industry jobs,” said Jamie Smith, Director of Operations for MFM.  “And we know how critical it is for employers in the industry to attract first-rate talent with a minimum expenditure of time and resources.” 

Both members and non-members can use MFM/BCCA Job Bank to reach qualified candidates.  Employers can post jobs online, search for qualified candidates based on specific job criteria, and create an online resume agent to email qualified candidates daily.  They also benefit from online reporting that provides job activity statistics.

For job seekers, MFM/BCCA Job Bank is a free service that provides access to employers and jobs in the broadcast, cable and electronic media industries.  In addition to posting their resumes, job seekers can browse and view available jobs based on their criteria and save those jobs for later review if they choose. Job seekers can also create a search agent to provide email notifications of jobs that match their criteria



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BCCA & MFM are functioning only as a facilitator to bring the interested parties together. We are not an employment service and cannot verify the information regarding any of the positions listed. All companies posting positions are EOE compliant.  

We do not guarantee that you will receive any resumes or interested parties. We are only functioning as a facilitator.

Jobs will post for 30 days. Payment is due before job will be posted. We can NOT invoice you.

Email it to Jamie Smith at with questions.

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